InNOVative INsurance SOFTware

The leading financial services software developer in Canada.

Novinsoft’s expertise, technology and innovative solutions are built to meet all carrier-specific sales and administrative requirements.

Quoting & Illustrations

Novinsoft Illustrators are flexible, modular, customizable, multichannel solutions for all life, health and annuity products.

Sales Strategies & Needs Analysis

A comprehensive suite of custom insurance and retirement strategies and needs analyses


Novinsoft has leveraged our unparalleled expertise developing New Business Illustration Systems for the Canadian Financial Services Industry in building superior In-Force U.L. and Par Illustrations Systems

Calculation Engines

Powerful, optimized, modular and extremely quick


Our Illustration Systems offer:
Reliability across platforms
Web and Desktop support in a single module
Enterprise strength deployment
Multiple brands/ channels


Novinsoft is API ready and has decades of experience providing integration with many 3rd party and client systems, services and APIs Including Administration Systems such as Ingenium; e-apps such as Ebix; CRMS such as Salesforce and more.

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