Dual Purpose New Business/In-Force Illustration Systems

  • Universal Life, Par, Term
  • Our combined New Business/In-Force Illustration Systems use a single calculation engine; New Business becomes just a subset of In-Force
  • Dual GUI – new business style to ease the learning curve, transactional for access to all possible features
  • Integrated with the client company’s admin system at multiple points

ADVANTAGES of our Dual-purpose New Business/In-Force Illustration System

  • One calculation engine means significantly less testing
  • The In-Force GUI is very much the same as the Sales Illustration System. No extra training is required. It’s easy to use
  • Fast products/rates update: same pointers/rates files
  • Less on-going programming and lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Less time to get In-Force to the field
  • Easier to take advantage of New Business-type functionality
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