Making Waves with BMO

Making Waves with BMO

BMO Life insurance and Novinsoft have reached a major milestone with Release 50.0 of the BMO Wave Illustration System. Yes – you read that right – Release 50.0 (Fifty!)

BMO Life Insurance/AIG Life Assurance is Novinsoft’s longest standing client company. The initial release of The Wave Illustration System from AIG was in 1998. AIG was acquired by the BMO Financial Group in 2009; and they have continued with The Wave ever since.

Billy K.Y. Wong, Director Sales Technology and Product Management reflects; “It has been an amazing journey with Novinsoft that started a couple of decades ago. Together we witnessed changing eras where floppy disks and CDs ruled; morphed desktop technology into web based; and broke new ground in various frontiers while our full suite of illustrations thrived. Our journey will certainly go on.”

Fifty releases over 25 years including Desktop, On-line, and Inforce versions of Life, Health, and Annuity products with plenty of Sales Concepts and Needs Analyses. That’s a lot of Waves.

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