September 2013
Equitable Final Protection
Novinsoft Inc. announced today, the release of the easy-to-use Equitable Life Final Protection Quote and Application Sales Illustration System.

A new simple issue whole life insurance product, Final Protection provides up to $50,000 of lifetime coverage with eligibility based on just a few simple health questions. No medical exam is required. And an additional benefit will be paid if death is accidental.

The Novinsoft built System includes an electronic submission process that allows the advisor to easily submit the numbered application, including attachments, electronically to head office.

Neil Menear, Novinsoft President, said, “We very much enjoyed working with Equitable on this project. This System is a great example of how we’ve been multi-purposing our systems for client companies by adding or feeding policy administration functions within our Sales and In-Force Illustration Systems.”

Karl Simon, Director, Individual Marketing and Sales & Distribution added that “This is a new and exciting endeavor for Equitable Life. We’ve learned a lot through the process. It really forced us to reconsider all aspects of the new business submission process. Novinsoft was a great partner on this project. We can always count on them to find creative solutions for issues as they arise.
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