January 2018
Some 2017 Highlights
More on-line/mobile illustration system development:
Novinsoft worked with BMO Insurance to launch the SmartApp Wave On-line Illustration System. Novinsoft provided Term and CI Illustration capabilities, and an Insurance Calculator seamlessly integrated with the BMO SmartApp electronic application system.

We added the Empire Life Critical Life products CI Protect and CI protect Plus to the Fast and Full on-line System. Empire Life's Fast and Full 3.1 Illustrator was initially released into production in October, 2015 and included a fully-functional web/mobile illustration system for the EstateMax Par product and the Solution Series products; developed by Novinsoft. And of course, Novinsoft has also integrated our web/mobile illustration system with the Empire Fast and Full E-app, and the Empire on-line database.

Major new Illustration System changes this year:
Major functionality and product changes were launched this year for the Great West Life Group companies (London Life, Canada Life, GWL) for UL, Par, and Term products. The UL project included integration with the GWL tax exempt calculation engine. Equitable Life also got back into the e-app game this year. Novinsoft integrated our UL and Par Illustratiion systems with Equitable on-line e-app. This had previously been available only for Term products.

And… RBC Insurance added to their line of Disability Insurance products.

Plus the non-stop product changes, and improvements for all our client companies.

Planned for 2018:
More on-line/mobile systems; new Inforce illustration system rollouts; new client products to be added; and new sales concepts; plus new technology

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