Custom Needs Analysis and Sales Concepts Expertise
Novinsoft has over 22 years of experience developing quality Needs Analysis, Sales and Marketing Tools, and Calculators for the Canadian Financial Services industry. Some of these are listed below.
  • Insured Retirement Plan
  • Personal Asset Transfer Plan
  • Family Asset Transfer Plan
  • The Estate Preserver Plan
  • Insured Annuity
  • Mortgage Solutions
  • Corporate Insured Retirement
  • Corporate Asset Transfer Plan
  • Universal Life Investment Loan Plan
  • Family Needs Analysis
  • Investor Profiler
  • Combined Retirement, Critical
    Illness, and Needs at Death Analysis
  • Financial Calculator
  • Investor Profiler
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Premium Comparison
  • Estate Preservation
  • Insured Retirement
  • Insured Retirement Program - Personal
  • Insured Retirement Program - Corporate
  • Estate Bond - Personal
  • Estate Bond - Corporate
  • Capital Gains
  • Split Dollar
  • Cost Compare
  • Buy - Sell
  • Buy Term and invest the Difference
  • Insured Annuity
  • Corporate Insured Annuity
  • Asset Protection
  • Sophisticated Critical Illness Needs Analysis
  • Sophisticated Asset Protector Needs Analysis
  • Family Needs Analysis
  • Insure Right
  • Retirement Enhancer
  • Estate protector
  • Corporate Estate Optimizer
  • Personal Estate Otimizer
  • Life Needs Analysis
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