Illustration Systems

Novinsoft Desktop Illustration Systems are considered the standard in Canada in terms of user experience. It is important to replicate this on the web to minimize the learning curve and provide the same feature set and comfort.

Our applications are .NET assemblies with access to the entire feature set of the Microsoft .NET framework (garbage collection, memory protection, XML support, encryption, etc). Resulting application engines are equally suitable for desktop and web platforms; to move an existing application from desktop to web, all that is required is a new UI with additional testing and optimization and thus, the web version cost of an existing desktop system is less than half of the original desktop system cost. 

Novinsoft has 2 choices of Application Architecture for on-line applications:
1. Our Current Architecture using ReactJS re-uses existing client company Illustrator Desktop Engines for a very economical and quick-to-market solution for browser-based applications.

2. For New Product Module, or new client companies, the best choice is our new v2020 Blazor WebAssembly PWA Application Architecture. Our solution for Native Applications for all devices and Operating Systems. (v2020) Diagram.

Illustration System Tools
  • Client Company Self-maintenance Tools
  • Plan Code database and Auto Rates Generator
  • Install-on-Demand
  • Smart Update
Enterprise strength deployment
  • The application can be deployed on multiple servers to handle the expected load
  • Session data is saved after each request to allow seamless recovery of the user session in case of failure
  • Cluster or server farm deployment is supported along with SQL Server session storage for maximum reliability and administration options
  • The end result is a robust high performance application deployed on standard low cost x86 hardware
XML as the unified externalization medium
Novinsoft is committed to unifying external data in the XML format but will accommodate other client data formats. The ACORD standard is fully supported for integration and proposal management.

Client company / distributor workflow
  • Novinsoft software can be plugged into a solution workflow at multiple points:
    • As a full illustration system complete with UI and output
    • As a back-end business rules and calculation engine
  • Can import client and policy data from existing systems and export illustration data to e-app, Adiministration systems and/or 3rd party Systems
  • Multiple brands / channels
  • Applications support branding and distribution channel differences within a single code-base, separate versions are not required
  • ON THE DESKTOP: Separate resources, parameters, configuration elements can be deployed at install time
  • ON THE WEB: The user's login info determines the brand or distribution channel
Our Illustration Systems offer:
  • Reliability across all platforms
  • A mixed-mode application engine, able to interface with both .NET and legacy applications
  • Web and Desktop support in a single module
  • Extensive use of royalty-free 3rd party tools and components ensuring no extra expenses beyond the development costs
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