Novinsoft Cross-platform Technology
Novinsoft Illustration Framework Architecture has already allowed single business rules/calculations/report engine use across desktop, web, or mobile platforms. Our adoption of HTML5 and other leading tools now means even the user interface (UI) need not be re-built; total cross-platform capabilities. We build it once - and it can run on tablets, smartphones, and even, the soonto-be-dinosaurs, desktops and laptops.

Some details
  • Web and connected mobile app with an HTML5 front-end and server-side app engine
  • Server side: standard Novinsoft app engine with full functionality (including the multi-module shell configuration) hosted in an ASP.NET MVC web application container leveraging existing infrastructure. A lightweight approach using standard HTML markup and designed to minimize data transfer and server workload
  • Client side: responsive mobile-first front-end. The same UI is delivered to all client screens from a smartphone to a desktop monitor and scales and flows accordingly
  • Real time user events and UI updates
  • Solution can be deployed either on premises in a load balanced scalable configuration or directly on the MS Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Excellent support for XML, relational data, serialization and custom integration and functionality. The latest in user authentication/ authorization and industrial strength (AES256) encryption
Single sign-on and authentication by channel, role, etc We have a good deal of experience with this. There are multiple options depending on the system accessing the illustrations.
  • LDAP / Active Directory works best for integration with the client company's own systems running on the same infrastructure, not really suitable for 3rd party integration
  • User info supplied in headers + query of 3rd party component or web service for access control and other information. As we’ve done for another client company, user name is supplied by the calling portal via headers, and the illustration session would query a provided .NET assembly that would supply the user's access group, site and brand; the illustration session would be tailored based on the result
  • 2 step token based data transmission. 3rd party would call a Novinsoft supplied web service and transmit the user information, the web service would return an access token; the caller would then initiate an illustration system with the token and the user info would be loaded into the illustration and the session tailored based on the specifics
  • Direct POST submission of data
  • Full ACORD bi-directional integration for new business and inforce via TXLife transactions is also available
BENEFITS include
  • The re-use of components across platforms translates to value for client companies - lower development and maintenance costs
  • A cross-platform UI accessed via URL or bookmark also means instant distribution of the latest software version; bypassing the app store.
  • And, a more uniform user experience across platforms
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